Clean Mac

Clean up mac to potentially increase the effciency of Mac system

Mac Cleaner Software

Removes unnecessary files, system junks, logs, trashes etc.

Delete Duplicate files, Large files, Language files and Universal Binary Files.

Uninstalls old and unused applications, widgets, plug-ins etc

Supports Mac OS X 10.7 Lion

Tidy Up! is a complete duplicate finder and disk tidiness utility


"Thanks for the great software. It really helped me to Safely clean my Mac syetm."

"It was really great using this software, it really helped me to Free up my valuable Mac Hard disk. It removed all unwanted duplicate files. "

System Requirement

Processor : Intel, PowerPC(G3 or later)

Operating System : Mac OS 10.3.9 and above

Memory : 256 MB RAM

Hard Disk : 25 MB of free space

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Clean Mac

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Software Features

Clean Mac is a powerful tool that optimizes the PC performance and gets rid of the all the unwanted data from the Mac based system. The software performs the following activities which in turn enhances the Mac speed to 3 fold times:
  • Gets rid of all the junk trash and other unused files
  • Duplicate files and binary files are automatically deleted
  • Deleted data can be restored from the image file backup
  • Compatible with all versions of Mac OS including Mac OS X
  • Removes plug-ins, widgets and applications which are no longer used

Here is a brief overview of the features of Clean Mac

Enhances PC Performance

It makes a deep system scanning and then gets rid of all the unwanted caches, junks present in the PC in the form of binary files, duplicate folders, trash, unused applications, iOS photo cache etc. The system logs are also wiped out and hence there is a sudden boost in the overall functioning of your Mac based PC.

Wipes Inconsequential Data

Clean Mac tool uses powerful algorithm to search for the duplicate files and other applications that are no longer in use and then using sophisticated programming methods wipes clean the Mac volumes and hence gets rid of the unimportant stuffs from the system. Once the unwanted items from the computer is wiped out, there is considerable space being created on the hard drive.

Powerful Application Uninstaller

We tend to install a lot of applications on our PC which in turn eat a lot of hard disk space and in turns makes the system slow. There are many applications that are no longer being used and it can be easily uninstalled with the help of Clean Mac Tool. All you need to do is drag and drop the applications in the Application Uninstaller Area and it will be then automatically removed from the system.

Automatically Cleans Removable Media

Users can set in the required preferences on their Mac and Clean Mac tool will clean all the removable device like DVD, pen drive, secondary hard drive etc that are attached to your computer. The external storage media is thoroughly scanned and if there are any unwanted junk files so found, the software automatically removes them easily and efficiently.

Generates Preview Option

Before deleting any junk folder from the hard drive of your Mac based operating system, Clean Mac tool generates a preview option. Users will get a complete list of junk files in a thumbnail pattern on the monitor and users can select the data that they wish to delete and the ones they want to keep it safe in their PC

Easy to Use

The overall interface of Clean Mac software is designed in such a manner that people who lack technical skills will have no problems whatsoever in running the software. There is a user guide available can assist the users in a step by step process regarding how to use the software and improve their PC performance. Even a novice can use the software with the least bit of the technical assistance from any person. The overall procedure is very quick and is the least hassles free.

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